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Jeff Stephen

CEO, RBI International

Jeff is a dedicated executive with 25+ years in progressive marketing and business intelligence. He has led the company in achieving excellent results for clients by leveraging technology to reduce costs and increase ROI. Jeff has a record of accomplishments in streamlining operations, increasing profits, and maximizing market penetration. He directs marketing solutions that focus on leading-edge AI acquisition, SEM, web solutions, data mining, and retention/event marketing.

BreAnn East

Executive Assistant, RBI International

BreAnn has been with RBI since 2019 and is responsible for the company’s organizational workflow including client relationships and project management. She is an expert in CRM, work management software and human resource information systems, and has created, and implemented RBI’s policies, processes, and procedures. BreAnn has exceptional relationship skills and her role with RBI spans the entire organization as she continuously searches for and solves problems for the company and its clients.

Lynn Stephen

Lynn Stephen has 35+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial success. After serving as the Director of Customer Relations for Toyota Canada, Lynn formed RCG in 1990, a consulting firm dedicated to employee and customer opportunities that impact the bottom line. Today RCG and sister company, RBI International, build customized learning solutions that deliver business and artificial intelligence strategies through a unique virtual platform. The RCG method delivers actionable solutions that strengthen client customer bases, life cycles and profitability.

Marguerite Zimmerman

CEO, E=mz2
Marguerite has delivered sales training and leadership coaching to Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium sized companies. Her successes include helping a manufacturing company increase sales from $3M to $10M in less than three years and coaching a group of sales representatives that resulted in a 275% increase in sales for one representative. She led the development of customized sales simulations for a major global automotive manufacturer which was delivered to 30,000+ sales representatives in the US. She also led the development of customized simulations in the dental industry.

Allison James

Consultant, Business Development

Allison brings unparalleled vision to projects with experience on six continents and spanning corporate, business, and nonprofit sectors. She has assisted clients in raising more than $40M in funding in the past five years. Allison has served in technical and management positions in the oil and gas industry, as an executive director in the environmental education sector, and as an owner of an advertising magazine. She is a skilled marketer and researcher who is committed to communication, cooperation, and diversity.

Ross Dunn

CEO & Founder, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.

Ross Dunn is an entrepreneur and businessman based in Victoria BC who founded two successful internet marketing companies, hosts a popular SEO podcast, has spoken at multiple conferences and has worked with several fortune 500 companies. He started StepForth in 1997 when few business owners understood the importance of SEO and has been an SEO  and web design expert for more than 25 years. He is a Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIMBS) and serves clients around the world.

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