Quality Leads Acquisition

Identify shoppers before your competition does to increase sales and promote return to website

Be the First to Reach Active Shoppers

Shoppers and potential customers are viewing your website to research their next purchase. Your brand and website are the first steps in turning these online viewers into customers, but at the end of the day, shoppers who want to make a big purchase want to do so on the sales floor. 

If you want to maximize your revenue, you must bring these shoppers into your store, dealership or showroom before your competitors get the chance to do so. That is where Quality Leads Acquisition comes into play.

Don’t Waste Time and Money on Old and Ineffective Lists

We know that it isn’t easy to generate quality leads!

  • 97% of your website visitors don’t provide any contact info.
  • You waste money on cold leads.
  • Your sales cycle stretches out because your leads aren’t motivated.
  • Your revenues never reach their potential.

AI Acquisition is the Modern Solution to Quality Leads

Our AI Acquisition puts you right back in the driver’s seat by turning your website traffic into floor traffic. Imagine that you can:

  • Reach shoppers you would otherwise miss.
  • Excite shoppers to come to you first.
  • Disrupt the digital shopping cycle and maximize your growth.
  • Close sales you are currently missing.

    Outcomes You Can Expect

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    with shoppers at home where 88% of key purchase decisions are made.

    Leverage Icon

    your current marketing budget to become more effective and accountable.

    Increase Icon

    store traffic to drive more sales and revenue opportunities.

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    higher conversion rates, stronger sales, and increased ROI.

    How AI Acquisition Works

    Find out how AI Acquisition technology targets anonymous website visitors with daily direct mail that brings motivated buyers right into your showroom.

    Shoppers visit your website from any device.

    We capture privacy-compliant names and mailing addresses for 50% of your visitors.

    We apply business rules for your targeted mail campaign.

    We mail out postcards within a day to reach leads before your competitors do.

    Leads are motivated to become shoppers online and in person.

    Is AI Acquisition Right for You?

    AI Acquisition is right for you if:


    You want to generate new qualified prospects who are actively searching on your website.


    You want to leverage your current marketing spend to become more effective and accountable.


    You want to increase store traffic so that you generate more sales and revenue opportunities.

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