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5 star rating

“We engaged RBI to build sales expertise in our organization. We had a high-performing team of experienced people, but we had not been through sales training…… It helped us build the expertise in our team, create a common language within our group, and drive sales in key clients. We have been very pleased with the results and would recommend Marguerite and RBI.”

Matthew S
VP, Strategy & Business Development

5 star rating

“Downturns create opportunities for reflection. The proven tools and techniques I received and learned provided me with interesting, insightful and indispensable knowledge. …..effectively putting them into action doubled my sales. Wow!”

Randy C
Sales Representative

5 star rating

“I would never have imagined that one of our sales professionals who was struggling would increase her sales by 275% in the past 6 months over the previous 6 months.”

B Bradbury
V.P. Major Accounts

5 star rating

“I’ve been a salesperson for 30 years, but I didn’t really understand how much room there was for me to improve when it came to sales! After taking the training, my confidence level has soared. My ability to close deals has increased and I’ve stopped wasting time on the deals that won’t close. Thanks! Thanks!”

Nick G
Life and Health Insurance Broker

5 star rating

“With RBI, our customer know they are important to us. You won’t go wrong hooking up with RBI!”

Highland Lakes Watersports

5 star rating

Very easy to work with and very easy to co-op!

Tousley Motorsports

5 star rating

Our customers are back for parts and service! The money we’ve invested has come back to us 8X.

Kansas Powersports Dealership

5 star rating

“We liked the repetitive online approach to learning. We identified the following returns on the investment with the sales team including top performers –

13% increase in revenues. Increased sales call appointments. Improved sales process knowledge. 12% increase in closing ratios. And perhaps most importantly, sharing of best practices.”

Jane B
National Training Program Manager

5 star rating

RBI’s CX Learning challenges students to question their pre-set beliefs about the sales process and helps debunk myths which forces them to think from the customer’s point of view.

Sameer N
Marketing Associate, Microsoft

5 star rating

We have taken the time to really think about how our ability to master effective communication skills leads to sales mastery, and the team is truly retaining the lessons. Rather than sitting in a classroom getting a lecture that we will likely forget, we are practicing these skills every week over an extended period. The lessons are sinking in!

E Martin
Vice President Sales and Enterprise Technology

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