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Train your staff to maximize the customer experience as a new competitive edge in business.

CX Sales Training

The Customer Experience (CX) has become the new differentiator in business. It’s a competitive edge that allows you to stand out in the market with new customers, repeat buyers and loyal staff. Optimum Customer Experiences begin with the best CX training. At RBI, we focus on:

  • The art and science of conversations that sell.
  • The principle of betterment and improving 1% every day.
  • Incremental learning that builds habits for the long-term.
  • A framework and formula to go from good to great with customer sales.

The Role of Emotion

The Customer Experience starts with recognizing the role of emotion is business. Savvy business owners know, and global studies show, that emotions have a significant impact of people including how they execute tasks, how they engage, how they create, how they make decisions, and how committed they are to their organizations.

“Positive emotions equal superior performance and better customer service.
Negative emotion equal poor performance and high turnover.”

High Level Behaviors

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, and businesses must up-level management and sales training to focus on the Customer Experience. Companies that practices high-level behaviors focuses on achieving the best experience for its customers experience results that are measurable such as:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Boosted loyalty and long-term customer value
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • Optimized acquisition and market share
  • Increased digital & physical engagement
  • Improved customer referrals

Overview of the Process

RBI works with clients to build an environment that sets them apart. Our learning process includes:

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behaviors that connect staff to customers throughout the lifetime customer journey.

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on emotion, ease, effectiveness with every step of a customer’s journey.

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processes so that every customer receives a positive customer experience.

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with an assessment survey for both customers and employees.

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results so that the staff and customer experience continues to grow and strengthen.


What They Say About Us

5 star review

“….They have taken the time to really think about how our ability to master effective communication skills leads to sales mastery….our team is truly retaining the lessons. Rather than sitting in a classroom getting a lecture that we will likely forget, we are practicing these skills every week over an extended period of time…..The lessons are sinking in!

E Martin
Vice President Sales and Enterprise Technology

5 star review

“I could never have imagined that one of our sales professionals who was struggling at that time would increase her sales over the past 6 months by 275% over the previous 6 months.”

B Bradbury
V.P. Major Accounts

5 star review

“We engaged RBI to build sales expertise in our organization. We had a high-performing team of experienced people, but we had not been through sales training…… It helped us build the expertise in our team, create a common language within our group, and drive sales in key clients. We have been very pleased with the results and would recommend Marguerite and RBI.”

Matthew S
VP, Strategy & Business Development

5 star review

“I’ve been a salesperson for 30 years…… I didn’t really understand how much room there was for me to improve when it came to sales! ……After taking the sales training process, my confidence level has soared. My ability to close deals has increased and I’ve stopped wasting time on the deals that won’t.


Nick G
Life and Health Insurance Broker

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