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You Can Depend on Our Results & Marketing Insights

One of the most important questions we always get asked is, “What kind of results can I expect if I work with RBI?”

We don’t make wild claims and we don’t guarantee unrealistic outcomes. Instead, we have tracked client results for more than 25 years and we are proud of what we’ve achieved for our clients.

Check out some of our client highlights below along with key marketing insights.

Customer Engagement Rates

Stats from our clients show that customer engagement using our marketing consistently produces stronger results that other types of marketing.


Higher than social


Higher than email


Higher than digital

The Importance of Retention Focused Marketing

Did you know that 97% of all visitors remain unknown for a typical business website? This means that only 3% covert to being a customer!

When it’s your money on the line paying for advertising, you want results like those as reported by our clients.

Your Competitive Advantage with RBI’s AI Acquisition Marketing

Time and time again, our clients report the success they see with our services that ultimately result in more sales from both new and repeat customers.


Increase in
Repeat Sales


Increase in repeat
customer service sales


Decrease in time spent
retaining customers

Spending to Acquire a Lead vs.
Spending to Convert that Lead into a Customer

Market research shows over and over that companies will spend to acquire a lead yet fail to spend to convert that lead into a paying customer.

Your competitive advantage is in the conversion.


Typical spend $100 to acquire a lead


Typical spend to convert that lead into a paying customer

Proven Results by Industry Sector

Home lighting & decor

15.5x Return on Ad Spend
2.49% Purchase Rate

Home design

12x Return on Ad Spend
4.46% Purchase Rate

Seed & flower

11x Return on Ad Spend
14% YOY growth

Specialty parts

10x Return on Ad Spend
2.81% Purchase Rate

Repeat Customers and Volume of Sales

Repeat customers have a huge impact on sales volume. Our clients who use RBI’s customer-centric marketing report that 12% of repeat customers purchase 27% of the total purchase volume.

Best Practices Results

We have helped hundreds of clients implement Best Practices in their digital and offline marketing. These Best Practices have led to results that help our clients reach their marketing goals.

Website Returns


return to website after
receiving a card

Abandoned cart


Return on Ad Spend

Product pages


Return on Ad Spend



Return on Ad Spend

Return on Ad Spend

Powersport Units

Client #1

pieces mailed

units sold

gross revenue per piece

gross revenue on campaign

Return on ad spend

Client #2

pieces mailed

units sold

gross revenue per piece

gross revenue on campaign

Return on ad spend

Client #3

pieces mailed

units sold

gross revenue per piece

gross revenue on campaign

Return on ad spend

Client #4

pieces mailed

units sold

gross revenue per piece

gross revenue on campaign

Return on ad spend

Data Cleanse Rule

Bad and outdated customer data is a big deal when it comes to how that data impacts your business. There is even a rule for this impact – The 1-10-100 Rule.
We work with you to break this rule! 

$1 Cost to verify and prevent bad data from entering your database.

$10 Correction cost for time to track down bad data and to validate it.

$100 Lost revenue from marketing costs to lost opportunities and invalid reporting.

E-Com Cart Abandonment Stats

Our e-commerce abandonment solutions are proven to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase conversion rate with tailored product page creative that reach visitors with a more relevant message. 


Abandoned Carts


Cards Mailed


Return Visitors


Cost/Return Visitor


Sales Conversion

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